Configuring SDRC Licensing

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The StorSimple Data Restore Console requires a license file.  The license file has a .ini extension, for example: SW-SDRC-EX-4000Mlbx.ini, and is used to configure the use of licensed capacities. Perform the following steps to configure the license file.

1.    To configure the license, copy the license file onto the server on which the SDRC application had been installed.  It is preferred to copy the license file into the ‘StorSimple Data Restore Console’ directory under ‘Program Files’, example C:\Program Files\Data Restore Console.

2.    From the Windows Start menu invoke StorSimple Data Restore Console for Exchange.  A pop-up window as shown below will be displayed.


License File Not Installed Screen

Figure 2.png


3.    Click on ‘License Info…’.  In the License Information window that pops-up click on the ellipses ‘…’ and select the license file copied in step 1 above. The ‘License Information’ screen is shown in figure 3.


License Information Screen

Figure 3.png


4.    Click ‘Close’ to close the dialogue box.

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