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The SDRC application software needs to be installed on a server that has access to the Exchange server.  The following steps detail the installation process.

1.    Copy the installer to a Windows server on which you plan to install and configure SDRC. You may need to unzip the installer package if you’ve downloaded the ZIP version of the package.  Begin the installation process by clicking setup.exe. Click ‘Next’ to continue. 


Installer Welcome Screen

Figure 1.png


2.    Read the License Agreement, and click ‘Yes’.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, do not proceed further, and do not install the software.

3.    Type in the user name, company name and select the radio button to choose to install the application for all users or only for the logged in user. Click ‘Next’. 

4.    Select the destination folder where the software needs to be installed and click ‘Next’.

5.    Make sure that the checkbox next to ‘StorSimple Data Restore Console for Microsoft Exchange Server’ is selected and click ‘Next’.

6.    This begins the installation, which should take a couple of minutes to complete.

Upon completion, the StorSimple Data Restore Console group will be added to the Windows Start menu.  You can invoke the ‘StorSimple Data Restore Console for Exchange’ program by navigating to this group and selecting the program.

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