StorSimple System Limits

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Last updated on: 07/06/2015

System Limits

The various system limits for StorSimple 5000/7000 series appliances are as tabulated below:


Limit Identifier   v2.1.1 Limit Comments
Maximum number of Cloud Credentials 64  
Maximum number of Cloud Configurations 64  
Maximum number of Volumes 255  
Maximum size of a Volume  64 TB  
Maximum number of iSCSI connections 512  
Maximum number of iSCSI sessions from initiators 512  
Maximum number of Access Control Records 63  
Maximum number of Access Control Records assigned to a volume 16  
Maximum number of CHAP Initiator accounts 256  
Maximum number of Volumes in a Volume Group 24  
Maximum number of Volumes per Backup 24  
Maximum number of backups retained per Backup Policy 64  
Maximum number of Snapshots of any type that can be retained per volume 256 This includes Snapshots, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones.
Maximum number of Snapshots of any type that can be present in an appliance 10000  
Maximum number of objects that can be configured for monitoring 30 This includes both the Volumes as well as Cloud Configurations.
Maximum number of Volumes that can be processed in parallel for backup, restore or clone 16 * Volumes exceeding the 16 count will be processed sequentially as processing slots free up.
* New backups of a restored or cloned volume cannot happen until the operation completes.
Processing rate for thin-restore 10 minutes/TB * Minimum time to make restored/cloned volume mountable, per TB of allocated volume data in backup. This rate is affected by Internet bandwidth to cloud.
* Clone completion is done in background after volume is online, when performed on a different device than original. Time to completion is not included in this measurement.
* Cloned volume is available for further backup operations after clone has completed.
Processing rate for cloud snapshots 15 minutes/TB

* Minimum time to make cloud snapshot upload-able, per TB of allocated volume data in backup.

* Total cloud snapshot time is calculated by adding this time to the snapshot upload time, which is affected by the Internet bandwidth to cloud.
Thin-restore availability Last failover Thin-restore is automatically available for backups taken since previous device failover. Full clone will be used by default for restores from prior failovers. Contact support for additional options if thin-restore is required for older backups.
Maximum client Read/Write throughput (when served from SSD tier)* 80/100 MB/s with a single NIC Up to 2x with MPIO and two NICs.
Maximum client Read/Write throughput (when served from HDD tier)* 60/50 MB/s  
Maximum client Read/Write throughput (when served from Cloud tier)* 10/20 MB/s Read throughput depends on clients generating and maintaining sufficient I/O queue depth.
* Maximum throughput per I/O type was measured with 100% read and 100% write scenarios. Actual throughput may be lower and depends on I/O mix and network conditions.



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