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Hovering over the ‘Manage’ item in the menu bar exposes a menu containing items as shown in the figure below. 




Each of these items are explained in detail in the following sections:


  • Hardware – the ‘Hardware’ page allows you to manage the active controller (shutdown, reboot).  For 5010, 7010, and 7010S appliances, this page also allows you to view the status of each of the hardware components of the system
  • Connected Initiators – the ‘Connected Initiators’ page shows you each of the initiators that have connected to your appliance to access configured volumes, and allows you to filter to identify specific initiators
  • Diagnostics – the ‘Diagnostics’ page allows you to verify network configuration and identify any situations which may be problematic or otherwise prevent normal system operation
  • Logs – the ‘Logs’ page allows you to browse the log files for your appliance and create packages of logs to send to support should you need assistance
  • Configuration Backup – the ‘Configuration Backup’ page allows you to make a copy of your appliance configuration, which can be used to restore the configuration onto a replacement system of the same software version should a system replacement be necessary
  • Software Upgrade – the ‘Software Upgrade’ page allows you to upgrade the software version installed on your appliance by uploading software image files via a web upload tool